Established in the Fall of 2013, the Common Thread Community began as a collective of people who were looking for more than just a weekly gathering. A true desire to labor together in community and to leverage all our gifts and resources for a common cause: the furthering of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and making disciples of all nations.

We see both our city and all nations as fields white for the harvest, and desire to plant and water amongst the poor and the lost. We seek to exalt the name of Christ in all we do, so that when our time is through it will truly be Him that we are remembered for and nothing else.

We are one community, made up of many micro-churches, on mission together, with a common thread of the gospel running through us all.

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You can give online by going to our online Giving Portal. We are a 501c3 organization. Visit our support page to find out how to partner with our community both financially and through prayer.